Byte Sized Review: Mario Tennis Aces

When Mario Tennis Aces was announced you can forgive me for being a tad excited as Nintendo had a good history when they really captured fun group gameplay in previous tennis games like Wii Sports.

The game mode in Wii Sports Tennis was something that anyone could pick up and play and the feeling of moving your arm seemed to match up perfectly with your character on screen making it a game that was also a bit of exercise.

Sadly the switch Mario Tennis Aces is not a new version of that game but instead a successor to Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

It’s a fun arcade style Tennis game that is based on “best of three” gameplay so don’t expect a sets based traditional rules Tennis match, this is not a simulator, it’s just fun. Apparently lot’s of people have been asking for refunds based on this, but the fact is, it’s a Mario game so it’s going to be colourful, fun and generally just really well made. Which it is.

There are several modes of gameplay with Adventure Mode or up to 4 player multiplayer and you’ll really get the feeling at times that you are playing a fighting game like Street Fighter rather than a sports title as the matches feel more like battles than sets. Basically you are storing up your energy to pull off amazing feats like moving in first person mode or so fast everything is in slow motion.


Mario Tennis Aces is a nice addition to the Nintendo Switch catalogue while at the same time being an annoying reminder we don’t have an updated Wii Sports to play yet. Will they ever recapture the magic of those games?

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