Bungie Pull off the Impossible

Bungie has just announced that they have managed to pull off the impossible for a new deal that involves their major franchise “Destiny 2”

The game will be getting the ability to cross-save across multiple platforms, meaning that you can share your character and game data across Xbox, PC, PS4 and the upcoming Google Stadia device.

These deals usually fall over though because Sony don’t generally like to play with others. It seems though in recent times the company policy has been more flexible which is great news for gamers who want to play games cross platform like the next Call of Duty promises to do.

Part of this announcement is that Bungie will no longer be doing PS4 exclusive content like maps, weapons and strikes. It was pretty frustrating having the game on Xbox and seeing that content on the other system.

The cross save ability is going to be a game changer for Destiny 2. I’m sure people will now own more than one copy of the game in order to play with friends who are on other systems. I’ll be ready to swap between Xbox to PC especially without having to grind my Guardian all the way up to a decent level again.

Well played Bungie and welcome to the revolution Sony, a unified gaming experience can only be good for the future.

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