Bioshock Gets the Live-Action Treatment at Netflix

The Uncharted film is getting ok reviews and early reports on the upcoming Halo series is very strong so it’s no wonder that film and streaming companies are starting to look towards video games as inspiration for building new entertainment that has a built-in audience.

That’s why it’s no surprise that one of these games have raised their heads again as a potential live-action series or film.

Yes, we are one step closer to a live-action Bioshock with Netflix partnering with 2K and Take-Two Interactive to develop a potential cinematic universe based on the popular video game franchise.

There is no writer or director attached at this stage but it seems like this is a done deal on a project that has been rumoured for this kind of treatment in the past but nothing ever getting over the line due to the need for an R-rating and the extremely high budgets that would be required. Naturally in the world of streaming, film distributors are no longer turned off by big-budget R’s and instead they have become very solid performers on the new media platforms.

About Bioshock

The first game in the Bioshock series was released in 2007 by 2K games and has a very retro-future vibe as it is set in an alternate 1960’s environment complete with an art deco underwater city called “Rapture”. It’s in this city that a mystery unfolds while you fend off the crazies that inhabit it.

The games were a critical and commercial success, winning multiple awards and selling more than 39 million copies.

Set across multiple dystopian and visionary landscapes gone wrong, the series blends sci-fi and horror to pose unique existential and societal questions that reshaped how game stories could be told – all amidst pulse-pounding action gameplay that rewards sharpshooting, clever planning, and lethal improvisation. Across the titles’ original releases as well as multiple re-releases, remastered editions and bundled collections.

The next instalment in the video game series is also currently in development by Cloud Chamber.

If done properly the creative storytelling of these titles would make an amazing series or film so let’s hope that it’s more “The Witcher” and less “Monster Hunter” as video games do not always translate well in other media.

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