Bioshock-level Fun with Atomic Heart – Review

If you’re a fan of science fiction and first-person shooter games, you are going to love Mundfish’s first title “Atomic Heart.” The game is a rarity in the era of multiplayer games, providing players with an immersive and entertaining single-player experience with a stunning blend of super-powered shooting and some solid first-person puzzling. 

Atomic Heart is an alternate-history shooter game that takes you on a retrofuturistic journey to an imagined past that has been perverted by ridiculously advanced technology. The game is cut from the same cloth as BioShock, Wolfenstein and the Dishonoured series which makes it instantly recognisable and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Peace and prosperity in this utopian world has been shattered by the technology that is sustaining their way of life suddenly turning on its masters, resulting in robots creating deadly havoc.

It’s the protagonist that really stands out here though, clearly, of Russian heritage, the developers actually suggest you play the game in the native tongue to get the full experience. I chose to play in English speaking mode, simply because I didn’t feel like reading everything. But I can see how it would add to the adventrure.

Atomic Heart’s standout feature is its visual design and world building. The game’s enemies are superbly designed, ranging from the standard drones to moustach-infused terminators, there are legions of unique creatures that will make it a habit of ending your day, so be cautious and choose your moments to unleash. 

The level design is also outstanding, with partially ruined labs, facilities, and transportation hubs the details are impressive and for a game that is build in only 5 years it says alot about the dedication of the team working on it.

Your main system, assistant and weapon is an experimental glove that helps you throughout the journey. Upgrading its skills you’ll be able to use elements like electricity, ice and more to give you the upper hand in battle and puzzling. The animations around this feature are gorgeous and the interaction with the character gives you some memorable and entertaining moments.

The weapon design and crafting is all really well done and highly polished. From upgrading your axe with extra spikes and better handling to adding elemental energy cartridges to pack an extra punch. You’ll find yourself scrounging for parts in order to level up your items to do as much damage as possible.

Creating the atmosphere to Atomic Heart is the game’s soundtrack, courtesy of Doom and Wolfenstein composer Mick Gordon. This music perfectly complements the game’s tone and action and even in the softer moments draws you in.

Atomic Heart is a lengthy, tough, and terrific-looking game that is worth playing for distopian science fiction and shooter lovers. The game has a perfect blend of super-powered shooting and first-person puzzling, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The elaborately designed enemies give you a unique experience, in-fact I’d go as far to say it’s the closest experience I’ve had to playing Bioshock in years.

Atomic Heart is available now on Playstation and Xbox, but as an added bonus, its available at launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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