Before You Buy: Dead Space Remake

Motive Studios has released its highly-anticipated remake of the classic 2008 space horror game “Dead Space.” The game has received positive reviews, with scores ranging from 87-90 out of 100 on Metacritic, depending on the platform (PC, PS5, XSX). This actually puts the game in the same league as other popular survival horror remakes like “Resident Evil 2.”

The new version has received praise for its overhaul of graphics and audio, as well as quality-of-life improvements and new additions.

The few criticisms of the remake have been tied to the original game’s gameplay, which may feel dated 15 years later.

But most people are raving about the complete detail overhaul expanding the rooms and workspaces of the unfortunate crew members and the new and improved atmospheric sounds of an abandoned and desolate spaceship.

It’s these enhancements that allow you to explore the sci-fi setting even more immersively. Making it a successful and worthy remake for you to add to your collection or as an entry point for newcomers.

The game follows engineer Isaac Clarke as he boards the planet-cracking mining ship USG Ishimura, which has gone silent. After a crew attack by mutated human corpses, Isaac must save his surviving crewmates and uncover the truth behind the loss of the ship, tied to a mysterious artifact.

The physical version of “Dead Space” is now available for purchase and it’s also available digitally on Xbox, Playstation and PC.

For EA Play Pro members, they get access to the Dead Space EA Play Pro Edition which includes all of the benefits of the Deluxe Edition, plus the Anodized Suit.

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