Aussie Indie Dev Set to Launch “Broken Roads”

A new star has emerged in the indie studio landscape. Australian studio Drop Bear Bytes is set to introduce themselves with a brand new title “Broken Roads,” a game that serves as an homage to the classic computer role-playing games like the original Fallout and Baldurs Gate titles that fit a genre that has captivated players for decades. Rooted in a profound appreciation for narrative-driven gameplay, Broken Roads invites players to traverse a post-apocalyptic Australia, weaving their destiny amidst the remnants of civilization. As an Aussie gaming content creator I am loving hearing the voices and seeing the style of my country represented in such a powerful way on a video game title.

At the heart of Broken Roads lies a harmonious fusion of traditional RPG elements and innovative game mechanics. Unlike conventional role-playing games, Broken Roads boasts a classless system that empowers players with boundless character development opportunities. Whether honing combat prowess or refining diplomatic finesse, players are bestowed with the freedom to sculpt their avatar’s skills and attributes according to their preferred playstyle.

However, what sets Broken Roads apart is its pioneering Morality Compass—a narrative compass that guides players through a labyrinth of ethical dilemmas and moral choices. Within this intricate system, every dialogue uttered and quest completed leaves an indelible mark on the protagonist’s philosophical disposition. As players navigate the harsh realities of a desolate world, their decisions not only shape the storyline but also mold the very essence of their character’s beliefs and values.

The Morality Compass serves as a dynamic reflection of the player’s choices, illuminating the nuanced shades of morality that color their journey. Whether embracing altruism or succumbing to the temptations of self-interest, each decision resonates throughout the narrative, altering relationships, shaping alliances, and ultimately determining the fate of the protagonist and the world they inhabit.

In Broken Roads, the desolate post-apocalyptic Australian landscape becomes a canvas upon which players paint their own epic saga. From the scorched plains of the Outback to the crumbling ruins of urban metropolises, every location teems with untold stories and hidden secrets waiting to be unearthed. As players embark on their odyssey, they will encounter a diverse cast of characters—each harboring their own ambitions, fears, and motivations—that breathe life into this hauntingly beautiful world.

The Aussie made “Broken Roads” is set to arrive out of our Australian Outback on PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC on April 11 2024.

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