ASUS Creators Conference & Zenbook Launch 2019

The “Wiser Together” event took place in Sydney on Wednesday night and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. Not just because I got to see some products from the ASUS range including the Zenbook Pro Duo which I’ve already spent a bit of time with, but also because it was a networking event with lots of industry proffecionals and Youtube stars having a few drinks and a lot of laughs. Shout out to the team from U-Mart who I met and were just legendary.

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Creating music on the fly

One of the highlights of the evening for me was the experimental artists who were in two main sections, one was providing the musical entertainment all via a dual screen laptop and accompanied by an electric harp and guitar, this was DJ Chad and harpist Jake Meadows who were producing on the spot improvised music. Super impressive and really highlighted to me how important technology is in creating art in the modern world. I’ve never been an art lover but I am a tech lover so when I see art created by tech, be it music, film or even drawing there is something about it that really talks to me.

I’ve never been an art lover but I am a tech lover so when I see art created by tech, be it music, film or even drawing there is something about it that really talks to me


The live artist creating a portrait of a beautiful fairy like woman on a large screen was also powered by the Zenbook Pro Duo. The two touch screens and stylis working in harmony with the artist to create a stunning visual while guests stood and watched in awe. I managed to have a brief chat to the artist who was amazed at the different sensitivity levels she would get from the touch screen and the vibrant colour palet. The piece she was recreating is one of her works called “Violet” and the original can be seen on her website. It was interesting to see the way she worked on the screens, using the top glossy touch screen for drawing and painting while selecting colour and other features from the bottom ScreenPad+. Everyone sets up differently to create their own efficiencys but having that full top screen clear of clutter to just concentrate on the art must have been something you could normally only achieve with multiple monitors at dedicated workstation, not usually a portable device in the middle of a party.

The creators extraviganza brought a load of talent that I was thankful to talk to across the evening. Lifestyle Vloggers Pia and Zane, Youtuber, Author and all round nice guy Jazza, Austin Evans famed tech reviewer from the states and a surprise guest who came out to a well deserved large applause the Perth based video reviewer and comedian Ozzy Man of “Ozzy Man Reviews”. Yes, they are all as natural and fun as they are on Youtube. That’s the great thing about social media personalities like this, they generally fall into the category of “what you see is what you get”. It was really good to get some insight into the way they work, with techniques and general banter. It really brought the event together under the banner “Wiser Together”.

Of course the whole night was a celebration and launch for the ASUS 30th Anniversary and there was plenty of technology on display. The ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo was the most talked about device of the evening and you can see my full review of that right here:

Some of the other tech on display included the 30th anniversary “Limited ZenBook Edition 30”. A beautifully crafted 13-inch version of the Zenbook that will be exclusively available in Australia. It’s Luxury design features a genuine leather lid cover and an 18-karat rose gold plated logo, plus accessories to match. The ScreenPad 2.0 technology is included in the touchpad and is an absolute joy to use.

Then there was the surprise piece of technology I’ve been looking forward to seeing but thought it might be a way off. It’s rumoured to be released in Australia in December this year and is a perfect companion for any gamer. The ASUS ROG Phone 2. This lightweight masterpiece is a phone built for gamers with plenty of accessories to match. It’s screen is one of the most beautiful displays that I’ve ever seen and the curves of the phone make it a dream to hold in your hand while you play your favourite mobile game. The other thing I noticed straight away is that even with the controller accessory attached its far lighter than the Nintendo Switch I’d been playing on the plane only an hour before.

During the event I caught up with a few of the decision makers at ASUS including The Global Vice President of the company, Eric Chen. They gave me some insight into the next year for the company in Australia, the chat is in this new podcast.

A really great event that was like walking into the future. It’s amazing how far technology has come in such a short space of time and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on more over the coming months.

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