Ashes Cricket – Byte Sized Review

The recent issues with the Australian Cricket team made me think about the game some more.


Ashes Cricket isn’t just the rebranded Don Bradman Cricket game we’ve been playing for years.

The game from Big Ant Studios is a fresh look at the sport with licensed squads and grounds with lots of customisable content.

The commentary is pretty impressive with the likes of Michael Slater, James Taylor and Mel Jones guiding you through the action of each game.

Graphically this is not the most polished sports game on the market at the moment. The characters look great when in the motion of bowling or batting but there are some suspect clipping issues around the rest of the game, non of which impacts on the fun of the game.

Ashes Cricket far from a polished product, but it’s still the best cricket game in years.

3.5 out of 5

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