ALDI Have a Gaming PC, right there next to the Bananas!

Those loveable crazy cats at ALDI are always surprising us with what random thing they add to the store for you to purchase. Recently I bought a pretty impressive daybed that coverts to a bench seat.. or is it the other way round. A strange purchase for a supermarket anyway.

Talking about Aldi’s Gaming Pc on National Radio

That is no where near as bizarre as this one though. Right there in the middle aisle just down from the Banana’s while you are loading up with dog food and checking out the price of tinned diced tomatoes you can buy a Gaming Computer. Yes a PC that is designed for the main purpose of playing the latest video games is available at ALDI.

It doesn’t stop there either, because the specs are actually pretty good.

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As you can see from the picture I took of the catalogue on my phone it has an intel i5 processor and a fairly beefy graphics card. It’s an RTX 2070 Aero so its the smaller model with one fan, but still pretty powerful. Add to that the 16GB of DD4 ram and we are starting to think this may be a decent machine. Oh wait, they even thought to add a 1 TB secondary Hard drive for game storage, very smart ALDI and just look at it… an illuminated glass design. This machine “looks” better than mine which is just in a standard case, could this be a quality machine.

Well, yes and no. the specs are pretty impressive, but if you are looking for a machine on the cheap this is not the one cause it’s a hefty $1999 without a monitor. I think you might be better off comparing it to one built on say UMART where you can pick your components and they’ll put it together for you. I built mine for under $1000 using and AMD processor and it will run everything as well or better than this, plus I had the support of the team who work there who know everything about computers, but not too much about frozen peas and which toilet paper is on special this week.

So if you don’t know much or are just starting out in PC gaming this may seem like a good option for you but I’d seriously think about doing a bit of research with your local PC store to see if they can do a better deal for you, I’m almost positive they will.

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