What is an Air Purifier and Why do I need one? – Welcare PureAir Review

What is an Air Purifier and Why do I need one?

Well for a start, it’s great for our kids in classrooms and is being adopted by many Australian Schools, in fact, some Air quality experts are saying that purifiers, if powerful enough and equipped with a filter, can effectively filter virus particles out of the air.

I have to admit that when I’ve seen Air Purifiers advertised in the past I’ve looked at them as a bit of a gimmick device with no actual practical purpose. I mean you want a room to smell nice, there’s a spray or a candle to do that for you. But that is not what this device does, it’s actually a lot deeper than that and could have a profound impact on something like your quality of sleep and your general health.

Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier Review

The Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier is one product that is being adopted by many households in Australia and is simple to set up and has some strong user-friendly features.

On the box, it states that the HEPA Filter is rated H13 which puts it at the high end of these devices as one of the best-air-purifiers.

By harnessing the latest HEPA (H13) Filtration, UV Light and photocatalyst technology the machine provides clean, pure air. This is great for those who have pets, suffer from allergies, bushfires or pollution-prone areas, or simply whoever is looking to achieve a clean and healthy home or office environment.

On a Personal Note

As an Asthmatic a high-efficiency filter is super important, especially in some of those more extreme situations, but just having clean air to breathe while sleeping especially gives great peace of mind as well as an improved quality of rest. 

The sleek design of the Air Purifier takes up some space in the room but no more than say having a heater in the cooler months. It sits 624mm high and 402mm wide with a depth of around 187mm and the rectangular design is more space-friendly than some of the other devices I’ve seen available. If space is a real issue for you there’s a desktop model available as well.

At first glance, it looked like an oversized PS5 with a D-Brand faceplate on it.

Watch the Video to see the levels of filtration
How Much Area Will It Cover?

One machine will cover around 40 to 50 square metres. So that’s should cover most of your living space. During my time with the machine, I was able to test it in a variety of ways in larger areas and in smaller rooms and found it to perform admirably. 

The Air Purifier used 6 stages of filter in order to try to achieve a perfect air rating.
  1. The Pre-Filter
  2. Hepa (H13) Filter
  3. Carbon Filter
  4. Photocatalyst Filter
  5. Anion
  6. UV Lights

It’s through this process that it is able to eliminate the bad air and push out the clean air. 

Colour Coded Indicator is Perfect For Every User

One of the best features of this particular device is the colour-coded indicator that displays at all times what the air quality is like. Red is Bad, Purple is Normal, Green is Good and Blue is Perfect. 

It was interesting to see the air quality indicator change over time depending on what was happening in the house. When cooking a meal I watched it drop and then work really hard to bring it back to normal. Given that I wasn’t using it in a laboratory setting it was actually really great to see these active changes and know the device was doing what it was intended for.

It’s User Friendly Without the “Smart” Features

The household Air Purifier is designed so that anyone can use it at the touch of a button. So you won’t find any “smart” connections with it. You plug it in, turn it on and select your options all from the device itself. 

You can set a timer so you can leave the machine on continuously or turn it off after 1 hour, 4 hours, or 8 hours of use. Running it in silent mode or night mode is also a plus and when it’s really working the fan can be quite audible.

As far as the modes of fan speeds, Auto generally worked best for me but you may want to play around with your modes in order to achieve what is optimal for the room you have it in.

Final Thoughts

In a world where we are taking the quality of air very seriously, it’s devices like this that make it easy for everyone to not only operate but also decipher the indicators that will take us forward. How many things do you own that claim to be user-friendly and just aren’t? There’s even an indicator to tell you when it’s time to replace the filters.

The Welcare PureAir is a really solid product that gets the job done and above all else, does what it says it does, purifies the air.

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It’s important to note also that in Victoria they are getting behind air purifier technology with a grant and rebate available on the devices.
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