Air Pods Pro – Review

Apples newest technical achievement has been met with some mixed reviews and even though everyone seems happy with the devices themselves its the cost that is turning most people away.

The small in-ear headphones feature some very advanced noice cancelling technology that uses two mics to record the ourside world and the inner ear to find the perfect way to cancel out the kids screaming or your boss telling you to cancel your lunch break for an important meeting. 

The adjustable ear piece is also a great addition, this comes in 3 sizes and is made of silicone so you can easily replace them when they get too dirty or you lose them. The settings via your phone will tell you which ear piece is best suited to you and it’s perfectly normal to have one ear as a medium and the other as a large… or so they tell me, apparently I’m not some form of mutant experiment with special super hearing in one ear.

The case the devices come in is a little bigger this time round and they support wireless charging with is handy.

Have you ever used noise cancelling headphones and had that sound that you are underwater? It’s bloody annoying, and a big reason as to why I generally avoid this type of device. The good news here is that Apple have worked out a way to counter act this and the most bizare thing is that it’s a really simple fix. There is a vent on the outside of the device that equalizes the pressure in you ear. That’s it! brilliant. 

My chat on National Radio about Apple Ear Pods

The tapping from the old earpieces has been replaced with “squeeze” commands which can take a bit to get used to and I didn’t feel like it was any better or worse. Although theres still no way to adjust the volume without talking to siri or doing it manually on the device. 

At $399 RRP on the Apple store these may be out of most peoples price range. I’ve seen them at $379 or even $364 but it’s hard to believe that some businesses would be selling these at a loss as Apple are not known for their amazing mark up pricing for retailers and generally refuse to discount. 

Having said that keep a close eye on where you are buying yours from. There are a lot of cheep knock off versions which are exactly that. They sound terrible and generally break after one use or just don’t work out of the box. If you are going to fork out for a good set of nice cancelling in-ear devices it would be hard to go past the genuine Apple product, you pay for quality and you just have to mortgage the house to do it.

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