7 Essential Gameplay Tips for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is Sucker Punch’s new cooperative multiplayer mode for its superlative samurai epic and is now available as part of the game’s Version 1.1 update.

Standing separate from the single-player story, this online-only* experience sees players play one of four legendary warriors. Players can build their legend and unlock new class-specific abilities, gear, and armour designs as they fight alongside friends in unique missions inspired by Japanese mythology.

See below for 7 essential gameplay tips:

1. Make best use of the chosen class

Once a player picks their starting class, they’ll need to increase their class rank to unlock each of the other three. Teams can combine any mix of classes and all can use stealth, melee, and ranged attacks and equip gear. Players should lean into the class attributes: a diverse team can tackle any challenge.

2. Coordinate class specials for crowd control

Each of the four classes has a unique Ultimate ability. Players must gradually fill their Resolve meter by attacking foes. Once it’s full, they can trigger their Ultimate by pressing L1 + R1.

3. Scan the skies

Even when players learn where a map’s spawn points are, their order is randomised. Fireworks will erupt above where the next horde is coming. Players should divide up the sky during lulls in battle. When they see fireworks, they should use the game’s Ping system to guide their team to where they’re needed.

4. Stay mobile and learn the quickest routes

Numerous structures, walls and cliffs stand between players and each defence point. Parkour skills and a grappling hook are the best tools for players to flow over roofs, swing across courtyards and spider their way up near-vertical slopes.

5. Fight for every defence point

Every defence point lost will reduce a team’s shared health bar, drastically reducing their chances of survival. Never consider an area lost until the match’s UI tells you so. Players still have a chance to recover them: every fifth round is a Boss Wave, winning which will restore control of all defence areas.

6. Choose and use Gifts wisely

Every map contains a shrine with purchasable – weaponised – Gifts, such as being able to ignite nearby enemies or summon a spirit animal. Once a shrine is activated, each Gift can be purchased by a single player, and has a cooldown period before being buyable again. In later rounds when horde numbers increase and powerful Oni appear, Gifts can mean the difference between holding a point or losing it.

7. Unlock new techniques

Whatever gameplay type players prefer in Legends, all will add to their XP, which in turn will increase their class’s Rank, and unlock new techniques and cosmetic items. Once a player finishes a match, they must make sure to dip back into their character’s profile on the main menu to equip better gear and unlock some new outfits.

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