5 Year Olds are Learning to Code

It’s hard to believe that kids aged 5 are learning coding, I feel like when I was 5 I was still trying to work out how to get my hot wheels car unstuck from my nose using a long piece of LEGO and a whole lot of tears. But, I guess that’s problem solving as well.

After all that’s what coding is, a series of commands that solve a problem creating something new along the way logically. 

In a world of work from home digitally-minded people it’s up to us to help develop those future minds. That’s where the OSMO Coding Starter Kit comes in, it’s an easy way to introduce young impressionable minds to wholesome learning that is also really fun.

In the last 2 years, I’ve become the proud parent of two beautiful daughters. While the nearly 2-year-old might not be ready to use something like this, watching her develop mentally at a rapid pace makes me realise that she’s not all that far off. My wife is a special needs teacher and she’s always coming up with really fun ways for the kids to learn through play and you see that in positive learning experience in products like this.

A little while back I tried out the OSMO Coding Jam and you can read my full review of that here. Between that and the Little Genius starter kit I’ve always been really impressed with these learning tools.

In the new Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit it combines three coding games together in one easy and affordable package. 

There’s Coding Awbie, where you put the blocks together to control probably the best character they have created yet “Awbie”. He’s going all out eating strawberries and it is great to make him move across the screen jumping and dealing with obstacles. The movement tiles come in really handy here using the arrows to determine where he goes, setting your path and then watching it play out on the iPad.

Coding Jam is a fantastic music based coding program, even as an adult I enjoyed creating with this. The different colours and motions let you create patterns and using multiple characters you can have them play together to form music. You can even share music with the world.  

Coding Duo our mate Awbie is back again, this time with old mate Mo from the little genius set. They need to work together to solve some brain teasers so it’s really about problem solving in the best possible way. I was actually a big fan of the animations in this one and the way the characters help each other is really great. You need to get both the characters to the other side of an obstacle ridden field in one go. I’m not going to lie, this really tested the brain power and I can see some of the levels being a real challenge for younger kids. You’ll be able to learn together and that is what makes it fun.

This is a complete package of the coding style learning games from OSMO and there are more apps being added all the time that work with the components that you have. The docking station works really great with most model iPads, so you might want to do what I’ve done and use an older iPad that you don’t use much anymore and load it up with all the apps. That way if the kids mistreat it you aren’t forking out for a new iPad pro or something. 

This is such a great concept and I’d like to see more of them in early learning schools to help kids develop those coding skills from a really early age. If you don’t feel like coding is the right way to go for your kids, look at the other packs like the Genius or even the artistic “Creative Starter Kit”. 

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