3 Reasons Super Smash Bros is the Ultimate Fighting Game

This mash up fighting game is usually always a crowd pleaser and generally for a few different reasons.

It’s an outstanding Fighting Game!

As a fighting game it is delightfully simple in its mechanics even though it may seem chaotic to play especially with 4 players on the screen. This is achieved through an easy button combination that allows the most novice player to pick up and play instantly and most importantly do well in the battle.

There is plenty to collect!

As a story game it’s Pokémon like “collect them all” mentality is extremely addictive. There are 77 fighters (69 unique) to get which is a lot considering you start with 8, 108 stages to unlock and close to 1300 spirit characters to collect all through the various game modes to play making it’s replay ability one of the best in not only this series but of all games in the same genre.

super smash bros1
4 players may seem Chaotic but it is just brilliant!

There is GameCube Controller Support!

We’ve know about this since the E3 presentation for the game, but to actually use it is another matter. Dedicated fans of the series are going to love the fact that you can use this classic controller with a USB adaptor for the system. I’m more about moving forward and using the controller that the system comes with rather than looking to the past, but the fact that Nintendo even thought of this is a great example of how the company listens to it’s fans.

So many characters to choose from!

Final Thoughts!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch will give you hours of gameplay and even though it can be repetitive at times it is still one of the best party games on any system. The fact that we could play 4 players on screen using the switch controllers (two sets, split into 4 smaller controllers) is a still a technical achievement that I think gets overlooked far too often. The amount of characters in the game means there is a fighter for everyone, so if you want to play as a hardened RPG fighter from something like Fire Emblem or a cute battler from the Pokémon series you will find a fighter that suits your style and need.

Graphically it’s a beautiful 3D presentation with stages that are so unique that they change the mood of the game. From a level that looks like classic Donkey Kong complete with the title character throwing barrels or a game and watch style level in Flat Zone X to the stunning displays of Umbra Clock Tower or the Star Fox inspired “Corneria”. Some even change shape and you can set the mode to warp between stages during battle to really get a glimpse at them all.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of those rare titles that is as great single player as it is multiplayer and everyone in the family can enjoy the cartoon fun as you get smashed from the screen when your percentage shows you to be vulnerable.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a 9.5 out of 10

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