16 MultiPlay: whY The Last Episode! DC Fandome and an Amazing Xbox Giveaway

In episode 16 of the MultiPlay podcast Doc and Luke launch a giveaway and discuss the reveals at DC Fandome as well as playing games including Back for Blood, Alan Wake Remastered, and Crysis Remastered. One of their favourite shows has also just been canceled and another is the most popular show on the planet, Squid Game.

Remember to comment with anything you’d like discussed on a future episode.

Giveaway details: Enter now to win 2 Xbox games at https://doccydarko.com/win-ubisoft-mega

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In this episode

Read the Alan Wake Remasted Review HERE



Gotham Knights: Read “Gotham Knights Cleverly Introduces the Deadly Court of Owls

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League



The Flash

The Batman

Shazam 2

Black Adam

fandome multiplay

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