Impressive 14 in 1 MultiPort to Power Your Workflow

This 14 in 1 multiport desktop hub is a game-changer for office efficiency, especially when using a laptop with a couple of monitors.

It uses the USB c port of your PC so it is super fast and you can really take advantage of all the ports it has available. The Ethernet port for your internet connection, 2 HDMI ports that can deliver 4k and micro-SD ports as well as a VGA and lots of USB ports you’ll be able to plug all your accessories in and then it makes setting your laptop up at home one plug saving you time and providing much more efficient cable management.

It’s quality too, built with high-quality materials and surrounded by a premium grade aluminium housing. There’s also an included braided USB cable.

ELK 80032

Every one of the multiports is labelled as well, so you know exactly what it can handle and marry it up to your device with ease. It’s not just labelled “USB” either, it clearly states USB-2.0 or 3.0 which is the kind of level of detail you want in a device like this. I’ve got plenty of other smaller multiports that I’ve got no idea what the type of port is in this level of detail.

Over multiple uses, the dock performed quite well, although the more power you drain from it the more likely it is to disconnect. However it’s great to set up with all your permanent plugs, so monitors and ethernet and keyboard and mouse and then use the other connections as you need them. 

This would be a great tool for a design professional who requires quick access to multiple storage formats on a regular basis. The 4K HDMI ports are seamless even though it would be nice if they supported 60hz rather than 30. 

A Quality Multiport Device that Covers Every Occasion

multiport review

The device is designed to be displayed vertically with an included stand, but it also can be laid flat on a desk and if you are very particular about managing those cables and are a bit handy you could probably mount it behind a monitor or under a desk with no real issues.

For me though, being placed on the desk with easy access is the best option for workflow.

The Bon.Elk Long-Life USB-C to 14-in-1 Multiport Desktop Hub comes in a slightly smaller 9 port version as well if 14 ports is a tad overwhelming.

Retailers and RRP: 

9-in-1 (Black or Space Grey) AUD$169

14-in-1 – (Black) – rrp AUD$199

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