10 Last-Minute Tech Gifts For the Perfect Christmas

So you’ve left your shopping till late again. Don’t worry we all do it year in year out and it’s lists like these 10 Tech Gifts that can be real lifesavers especially for people who are buying for tech enthusiasts or budding social media influencers. We’ve reviewed and compared some major tech advances this year so we thought this list might come in handy as a one-stop guide for you during the holiday season.

Here are the 10 Tech Gifts We Know You’ll Love

1: Anko 360 Smart Selfie Stand

First up is the Anko 360 Degree Smart Selfie Phone Stand. It might sound like something that you say three times fast while holding your tongue but this little device is a real little beauty. It’s like having a personal photographer that keeps your phone focused on you. It uses AI to track your movements and swivels your phone to always face you. Great for someone setting up a video for a new TikTok dance or cooking video.

anko tech gifts
Surprise package from Anko

You can grab one at KMart and best of all we tested it against some of the big-name more expensive versions and found this to be a really good option. $19 is a nice little stocking filler.

2: OlumiRing LED Ring Light

Getting that perfect shot from your phone or via your laptop webcam is all down to lighting. So the perfect affordable solution is the OlumiRing which is an LED ring light that clips onto your device increasing the brightness and bringing out the best in your image. There are cheaper options, but not all deliver as good an experience. Pick one up for about $36.

3: Buzz B-Gone

Aussie Barbeques over Christmas are the perfect pastime, except when they are attacked by classic aussie bugs like mosquitos. Buzz B-Gone have a solution that comes in the form of a USB charged device with a 2000mAH battery (so it lasts a long time). This bug zapper is portable and safe for children and pets. They can be a bit on the expensive side at $60 each. But if you get a pack of 3 it will work out cheaper and will cover more peoples presents.

4: Ring Video Doorbell
ring video doorbell
Purchase a Peace of Mind from Ring

RING Video doorbell. Summer safety for your home is a big necessity over the holiday break, especially if you are looking to get away for a few nights. These video doorbells have motion tracking and link to your phone so you can keep an eye on your home while you are away. The subscription service allows you to keep the video as well, which could come in handy to pass over to the police if something does happen. RING works best with Amazon products and also have other camera solutions for protection if you want to cover the house. 

5: Thronmax Mdrill One Pro Microphone
thronmax 1 pro 1
You had me at RGB

We’ve tested several different streaming or podcasting microphones over the year so when we had to choose one that would fit in this list the most versatile model was the Thronemax Mdrill One Pro. Perfect for starting that podcast or improving the sound quality on your gaming stream setup. It’s come down in price as well, pick it up for $168 at JB HiFi. The matching Thronmax Caster S1 boom arm stand is a good addition for it if you want to go all in.

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6: GoCube Smart Rublik’s Cube
gocube 1
GoCube is a big winner this Christmas

This could be a big seller this Christmas. It’s a great talking point at your Christmas day lunch as well. You link the cube to an app and can play against other people online and get lessons on completing the cube in record time. Great fun and a perfect STEM learning experience.

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7: FitBit Charge 5

It could be a subtle hint to get out and enjoy the summer activities after being cooped up for a year. Fitbit Charge 5 connects the dots between your activity, sleep and stress so you can make the best decisions for your body, mind and health. Daily Readiness Score – Each morning, you’ll get a score in the Fitbit app based on your activity, sleep and heart rate variability. EDA sensor – The app detects electrodermal activity — tiny changes in your skin’s sweat level which may indicate your body’s response to stress. Recommended to sell at around $300 this is a great smartwatch option.

8: GoPro Hero 10
hor gopro1
Best Action Cam Available Right Now

This action cam has only recently been released and is a vast improvement on the Hero 9 from last year which was already one of our favourite action cams. The Hero 10 sports a new GP2 processor that really speeds up the whole experience and the quality of the camera is second to none. Worth picking up for $599.95 with the one-year subscription.

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9: Personal Arcade Machine 
Arcade1Up Xmas products
Retro and Cool!

Arcade One Up has a selection of licensed retro Arcade machines for your home. If you know a Simpsons fan or Marvel or Mortal Kombat you’ll be able to find a machine that will fit nicely into a games room or man-cave. My pick of the bunch is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machine which was one of the greatest arcade experiences of all time.

  • The Simpsons 4-Player (Live!) Bundle ($1,399) – featuring ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Simpsons Bowling’
  • Turtles In Time 4-Player (Live!) Bundle ($1,399) – featuring ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time™’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™’ 
  • X-Men 4-Player (Live!) Bundle ($1,399) – featuring ‘X-Men 4 Player Arcade’, ‘Captain America and the Avengers’ and ‘The Avengers in Galactic Storm’ 
  • 12-in-1 Legacy Series ($799) – featuring machines from game developers CapcomMidway and Bandai 

Arcade1Up machines are exclusively distributed in Australia by Powermove Distribution and available at the following retailers:

Arcade Gamer, Catch, David Jones, EB Games, Gamesmen, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Kogan, Costco, TVSN

10: OSMO Maths Wizard 5 – The Fantastic Food Truck
fft osmo contents
We love these from OSMO. Check the Age Groups

STEM education is so important for kids these days so check out the learning while playing range from OSMO. They work seamlessly with your iPad to create valuable screen time rather than wasted on another hour of Candy Crush. Each kit comes with actually tangible items that interact with the events on screen. So much fun and a great subtle learning experience.            

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